Site Performance Improvement

The site improvement process is methodical approach for continuously measuring, analysing and improving the performance of your site.

We use digital analytics & optimisation tools / methodologies, however, our site improvement process involves taking a step back and looking at your site and your digital data in the context of your overall business structure, goals & activity.

Often, the site is not aligned to the business and the business objectives, and this can be identified long before diving into data analysis.

We initiate the process with a comprehensive and thorough Engagement process – we invest time in learning your business so we can deliver advice or a solution that is right for you.

Following the engagement period, the site improvement process has three elements:

We use Data to produce Insight and drive Action (and then repeat)

  • Data – measuring & observing relevant activity of visitors on the site accurately
  • Insight – making sense of behaviour and performance by analysing all relevant data in context
  • Action – impacting change – testing or implementing a suggested improvement based on insight, then measuring the success of the intervention

The ‘Data’ and ‘Insight’ elements of the site improvement process are traditionally part of digital analytics, whereas the ‘Action’ element is part of optimisation.

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