Improving Site Performance & User Experience, Using Data & Observation

Improving Site Performance & UX, Using Data & Observation

You and your company have invested a lot in your website and other digital channels – time, effort, resources, money…

Your digital channels might be doing exactly what they were designed to do. However, your eco-system is still likely to have hidden opportunities, friction points and design & process issues.  As a result, these issues are likely to inhibit your site from performing better.

Improving your Digital Performance:

Our Digital Performance Improvement Process is a methodical approach for continuously measuring, analysing and improving the performance of your site. This is done within the context of your business activities and your business goals.

We use (and teach you to use) Web Analytics & Optimisation tools and methods for:

  • Looking at your Data
  • Analysing it to reach practical Insight
  • Providing Actionable recommendations and driving change


This is true not just for your site, but for your digital eco-system as a whole: From Marketing to Newsletters, from Affiliates to integrating using your CRM data wisely.

Therefore, It is possible for any small / medium size business to punch above its weight when using Web Analytics and performing Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Tools are cheap & readily available and methodologies are well established.

Digital Performance Improvement Cycle

Some of our clients:


Digital Insights is a specialist consultancy, focused on providing site performance improvement, digital analytics & optimisation services to start-ups and small to medium businesses.


Site Improvement Process

The site improvement process is methodical approach for continuously measuring, analysing and improving the performance of your site.

How We Work

We initiate our relationship with new clients with a comprehensive and thorough engagement process.

Who We Are

Digital Insights was founded in 2015 by Gideon Delayahu, after working with high-end corporate and multinational retail clients for many years.


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