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Digital Analytics Health Check

Can you trust your data?     A Digital Analytics Health Check can tell you.

Businesses rely on Digital Analytics data to manage their Digital Eco-System –
however, MOST Digital Analytics implementations & datasets have bad data

Businesses rely on Google Analytics (and other platforms) to inform them about the performance of:


  • Marketing channels
  • Sales funnel
  • Content pages
  • Ecommerce
  • Newsletters
  • etc…… 

However,  more often than not, the data that the businesses rely-on is wrong.

This is due to the analytics setup, the platform configuration, and/or the reporting mechanisms being broken or incorrect.

Additioanlly, different systems report different numbers, and many times the numbers seem to be conflicting…

So any good decision you make based on bad data is likely to be due to chance…

If you need someone to resolve your Data and Analytics requirements, then you should definitely speak to Gideon. Thanks to his advice and insight we were able to make a real differenceNot only does he have a vast understanding of analytics, Gideon is a pleasure to work with – He is professional, accommodating and thorough. I highly recommend Gideon. Looking forward to our next adventure. 
David Factor, RBS International

Our Digital Analytics Health Check offers a Thorough, Comprehensive and Low-Cost solution to your data mess:


The health check includes:

Understanding what information you and your business need in order to make critical business decision:

  • We’re not going to waste your time and ours focusing our investigation and giving you recommendations that are not relevant to your business

Analysing a snapshot of visitor behaviour and the site performance:

  • You get an up-to-date snapshot on traffic acquisition, engagement, conversion, mobile vs. desktop behaviour, etc.

Auditing What data is captured on the site:

  • Page by page, interaction by interaction – to make sure you capture all the information you need

Am I 100% confident I am collecting the right information about my customers?


  • Do the numbers mean what I think they means?
  • Is the data I collect processed correctly?
  • Are my visits broken when visitors login? When they pay? Move from one part of the site to another?
  • Can I find out more about my visitors? Where do they come from?
  • What are my visitors doing on the site? Which visitors bring me the most benefit?
  • Do I really track how my campaigns are performing?