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Digital Performance Improvement

The Digital Performance Improvement Process (#DigitalPIP) is a methodical approach for continuously Measuring, Analysing and Improving the performance of your site and your Digital Eco-System.

We use Digital Analytics & Optimisation tools and  methodologies to Improve Performance.
However, our Digital Performance Improvement process involves taking a step back and looking at your Digital Eco-System as a whole. – in the context of your overall business structure,  processes and goals

Often, the different parts of the eco-system are not aligned to your business processes and goals, and the different systems do not talk to each other .This can be identified long before diving into data analysis.


We initiate the #DigitalPIP process with a comprehensive and thorough Engagement process – we invest time in learning your business so we can deliver advice or a solution that is right for you.

Following the engagement period, the site improvement process has three elements:

We use Data to produce Insight and drive Action (and then repeat)


The key to good decision making is to have the right data. We regard this as the cornerstone of all our activities. We look at data collection and processing across your Digital Eco-System, making sure the data you collect is correct, useful, and is shared across the various platfroms.


Having mountains of data is not useful. Having the right information is – practical insight that you can use.
We help you see the trees from the forest, and focus on important information that is useful to make a decision about your business.


The purpuse of collecting data and analysing it is to make changes that improve your Eco-System’s performance. We help you action and implement interventions focused on your priorities and designed to improve your bottom line. We help you test hypotheses and understand the results.

The ‘Data’ and ‘Insight’ elements of the site improvement process are traditionally part of digital analytics, whereas the ‘Action’ element is part of optimisation.