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Online Reviews For Dentists

Genuine and Good Online Customer Reviews are critical for dentists to build trust in your dental practice brand, attract new patients (whether private or NHS) and improve your revenue (these are reviews on Facebook, Google, Trustpilot, etc.).

Up to 2,600 people search for Dentist or Teeth Whitening around Bedford EACH MONTH – If your reviews are not better than other practices they are not likely to choose you.

The Challange:

Potential patients are looking online to see it your practice is average, good, or better than other pratices.
Good Online Reviews will help convince potential patients to choose you and your practice instead of choosing your competitors:

  • 86% of people read reviews for local businesses
  • 89% of people read businesses’ responses to reviews
  • Three (3) negative reviews can drive away 60% of potential customers!
    (BrightLocal, 2018)

Our Solution:

We use a structured and systematic approach and a dedicated tool to improve Online Customer Reviews for our clients.
However, getting reviews for your business faster and more efficiently is really important:

  • More new patients to your practice
  • More visitors from search engines to your site
  • Better performing (and therefore cheaper) Google Ads activity
  • Better Conversion Rate on your site

The Review Management activity had a very big impact and worked very quickly – Our review score improved from 4.1 to 4.6 within months! It also improved our Paid Campaigns cost as our review score started to feature in our adverts Cristina Llamas-Rey, Naturisimo


We work with you to reach out to your existing patients to get their feedback, and our software makes sure that positive feedback is made public, and negative feedback is communicated directly to you.

The process to improve your Online Customer Reviews is straight forward.


1. We Set Up the process and environment 

2. We Reach Out to your existing clients

3. We embed the review process as part of
your Regular Practice Habits

Set Up

We work with a software that facilitates the review process for your patients.
When we start the project we will:

  • Set up a profile and a landing page for your practice – this part is really important as the patients need to know that the request for feedback is genuine, authentic and really coming from you.
  • Decide how we want to reach out – email, sms, face to face, all of the above, etc.
  • Agree roles within the practice – who does what (for example, who responds to negative feedback)

Reaching Out

Once the system is ready we reach out to your existing patients:

  • We chose the methods in step 1 – now we need to act.
  • This needs to be done gradually so you don’t get many reviews in one go – this would look bad. We are not trying to cheat the system, but it should never look like we tried to.

Regular Practice Habits

Once we reached out to the ‘bank’ of existing patients we need to make sure that we keep up the good work:

  • Review requests are  sent automatically, or requested routinely.
  • Online Reviews are responded-to.
  • Negative feedback is looked-at and responded-to.

We help you by sending you a monthly report and feedback analysis, helping you to get better reviews and improve your practice.

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